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Cinterion® TN23-W NB-IoT module provides highly efficient future 5G connectivity for the IoT with its high power efficiency, advanced security features, and reliability for data-only solutions.

Multiple MTC Technologies for Global Connectivity:

  • 3GPP Rel.14 Cat.NB1, Cat.NB2
  • Global LPWA from a single package


The highly efficient Cinterion TN23 delivers global LPWAN LTE  connectivity from a single SKU leveraging mature Rel. 14 second generation Cat.NB1/NB2. The ultra-integrated IoT module’s unique architecture allows the flexibility to run applications with  a host processor or inside the module itself using the integrated processor dedicated to customer application for onboard processing, which optimizes the size and cost of your solution. TN23 supports optimized 3GPP power modes PSM and eDRx  revolutionizing design possibilities for battery-operated cellular devices. State of the art security features include trusted identities pre-integrated in the root of the module during manufacturing plus secure key storage and certificate handling to protect the device  and data and enable trustful enrollment in cloud platforms. An optional integrated eSIM further simplifies manufacturing and  logistics  while  providing  flexibility  in  the  field  with easy  remote provisioning and dynamic subscription updates. What’s more, the TN23 is supported by Cinterion® IoT Suite Services, an optional platform that manages the connectivity, lifecycle and security of IoT solutions ensuring continuity and long life.


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