Telit EVK - EVB 2.0 for Translation Boards (TLB)

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EVB 2.0 is a next-generation Telit evaluation board for cellular and short-range wireless products. It is designed to allow cost-effective and rapid development of products and solutions based on Telit hardware and software.

his evaluation board includes the main peripherals to quickly leverage Telit modules' full potential:

• Direct current power supply

• Two SIM card holders

• SD memory card socket

• Configurable audio codec

• LEDs and pushbuttons EVB 2.0 features connectors for easy access to all hardware interfaces (e.g., UART, GPIOs, I2C, JTAG).

The board is ready for current consumption measurements, with jumpers allowing the exclusion of external hardware and full access to the relevant pins.

Telit EVB 2.0 is fully compatible with all translation boards (TLBs) available for Telit modules and data cards, from the most compact and power-efficient cellular LPWA module to the ultra-sophisticated 5G data cards.


Telit EVB 2.0 board comes with:

2x USB "A" to "C" cables

12 V dc power supply

Jumper cables kit

Two wide-band cellular antennas

GNSS antenna

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