SE868K7-A (Standard SMT Antenna + GPS/QZSS + UART)

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The tiny and mighty SE868K7-A is the industry’s smallest GPS patch antenna module. Designed with an additional low-noise amplifier (LNA) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter, these modules deliver best-in-class performance. The combination of advanced features and an embedded antenna significantly simplifies integration for space constrained applications by eliminating the need for external components.

  • Ultracompact 11 x 11 mm “cavity” PCB package
  • Standard variant with integrated 9 x 9x 4 mm SMT antenna
  • GPS core
  • ROM memory


The Jupiter SE868K7-A series is a new, enhanced variant of the Telit SE868-AS GPS antenna module. These modules are designed as companion GPS variant of the multi constellation SE868K3-A series and include 9 x 9 mm patch antenna, SAW filter, ROM memory, GPS core, RTC and TCXO. The SE868K7-A series uses the same compact 11 x 11 mm “cavity like” PCB package as the SE868-AS and retains its popular footprint while adding 2nd LNA to increase the RF sensitivity.


Telit’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the architecture of the SE868K7-A series. Competing solutions require a guard in the host PCB around the RF PIN zone in order to minimize interference and antenna detuning. The Telit SE868K7-A series provides an integrated solution with an optimized RF path and standard SMT mounting operation, without constraining the host PCB, thus minimizing the antenna detuning.


The SE868K7-A series support GPS and QZSS as well as SBAS augmentation system. The SE868K7-A series provides the positioning data though standard UART.


The Jupiter SE868K7-A series supports either autonomous than server based A-GPS. Its onboard A-GPS software engine is able to locally predict ephemeris up to three days in advance and store this data in the RAM memory.


The Jupiter SE868K7-A series is the best single constellation solution for small tracking applications with challenging footprint requirement.


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