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Multi-Constellation, Multi-Frequency Positioning GNSS

The SE868K5-I is a new multiconstellation positioning receiver module. It provides improved performance for position reporting and navigation solutions by combining:

  • Galileo
  • BeiDou
  • IRNSS in the L5 band


he SE868K5-I footprint is compatible with the SE868SY-D, the JF2 and the SE868 V3. This module can track multiple constellations simultaneously in the L1 band, in addition to the NavIC (IRNSS) in the L5 band and GAGAN SBAS signal for best performance in the Indian region.


The SE868K5-I is encased in an 11 x 11 mm QFN package. It includes a powerful baseband processor, embedded Flash memory and integrated LNA. In addition, the preamplification filtering stage removes the need for external SAW filters. It improves the module’s robustness in case of co-location with other technologies (e.g., cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®). The SE868K5-I delivers navigation data over a serial interface according to the NMEA protocol standard. The SE868K5-I supports ephemeris file injection (A-GNSS) and satellitebased augmentation systems (SBAS) to increase position accuracy and improve time to first fix (TTFF). Its onboard software engine can predict local short-term ephemerides starting from GPS satellite data the module receives and stores in the internal Flash memory.


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