LN920A12-WW (CAT 12 - Download: 600 Mbps | Upload: 150 Mbps)

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The LN920 is an M.2 (NGFF) compact data card with versions available in Category (Cat) 12 and 6 worldwide. They are pre-certified by Tier 1 operators and ideal for mobile computing and IIoT gateways and routers.

  • Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon® X12+ LTE modem
  • Supports LTE bands between 600 MHz and 3.7 GHz, including CBRS (Band 48) and FirstNet (Band 14)
  • LTE Cat 12 (3xCA and 600 Mbps DL/150 Mbps UL) and Cat 6 (2xCA and 300 Mbps DL/50 Mbps UL)
  • WCDMA fallback technology
  • Embedded GNSS positioning and navigation


The LN920 is available as LTE Category (Cat) 12 (600 Mbps peak data rate DL, 150 Mbps UL), Cat 13 (400 Mbps peak data rate DL, 150 Mbps UL) and Cat 6 (300 Mbps peak data rate DL, 50 Mbps UL). This data card supports a broad set of LTE frequency bands and carrier combinations and includes 3G/ HSPA+ legacy technology and a GNSS receiver, making it ideal for worldwide deployments.


Compatible with 3GPP Release (Rel) 12, it is certified for global deployments across EMEA, the Americas and APAC, including specific MNO certifications in regions requiring them like APAC and NA. The LN920 series is designed for global use and suitable for both high-performance industrial and consumer applications, including fixed wireless access, enterprise routers and gateways, indoor and outdoor CPE, and mobile computing (e.g. notebooks, tablets). 


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