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First in its class embedded with Qualcomm® Snapdragon® X12 LTE modem supporting download speeds of up to 600 Mbps. Wide LTE frequency band support and WCDMA fallback technology.

  • LTE Category (Cat) 11 DL/Cat 5 UL Rel 10
    • 3xCA leverages extended capabilities of the network for increased coverage and bandwidth
    • Up to 600 Mbps DL with 3xCA and 256-QAM
    • Up to 75 Mbps UL with 64-QAM
  • HSPA+ Release (Rel) 8
  • Quad-constellation integrated GNSS
  • Full-size, single-sided mPCIe form factor (50.95 x 30 x 2.8 mm)


The LM940 Mini PCIe (mPCIe) data card delivers high speed data rates via Advanced LTE and offers a cellular connection for products in network appliance environments. This data card is well-suited for products that demand high throughput such as routers, mobile gateways and access points, to provide the most advanced 4G LTE connectivity, ensuring a rich and seamless user experience.


Based on LTE Category 11, the LM940 mCPIe data card achieves download rates up to 600 Mbps supported by the 3GPP release 11 with MIMO and LTE Carrier Aggregation. The product supports multiple RF frequency bands and band combinations to accommodate global deployments.


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