IO-GATE Pilot Kit

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IO-GATE is powerful, capable, and packed with interfaces you need to bring your IIoT project to the next level. It functions like a powerful PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and with its onboard edge services, IO-GATE enhances your productivity, ensuring that no matter where you are, it delivers sensor data and executes the tasks you require through its edge services.

Multi-sensor Interfaces
4 IO-Link ports, Ethernet for IO-Link master or IP cameras and 4 digital I/O.

High Speed Wireless Internet
LTE/4G and optional 5G available e.g. for video streaming.

Camera Integration
Plug your IP camera and start taking pictures or videos.

The IO-GATE comes with a device management solution which enables the user to keep track of everything needed to operate the IO-GATE at full scale in the field. It also allows users to download apps to run their own applications.

Industrial housing for the most rugged environments
The IO-GATE provides protection is of course protected from total dust ingress with IP65. 

4G version with TelitCinterion's powerful LE910C4-WWX cellular module from the LE910Cx ThreadX series.

5G version with TelitCinterion's cutting edge FN980M cellular module.
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What is included
The IO-GATE Pilot Kit includes the EdgeManager, 1x Temperature Sensor/1x Antenna/1x Alarm Lamp/1x SIM and 1 x Power Supply.


  • 4 IO-Link Ports (M12)
  • 4 Digital Inputs (4 pins of the M12 connector)
  • 4 Digital Outputs (4 pins of the M12 connector)
  • Ethernet Port (M12)
  • 2 SMA for Cellular and 1 x SMA GNSS
  • 9 Status LEDs


  • CE / RED
  • FCC/PTCRB (tbc)
  • EMEA
  • Worldwide (tbc)


Full spec sheet found here