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The BlueMod+S50 is Telit’s Bluetooth® single mode Bluetooth® 5-qualified module. This module enables device vendors to Bluetooth® Low Energy  5.0 connectivity quickly and cost-effectively to their products.

  • Stand-alone or Bluetooth®-hosted applications
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 qualified module
  • 2 MB/s PHY for LE
  • Broadcasting channel improvements
  • Powerful Cortex M4F MCU


The powerful BlueMod+S50 is Telit’s Bluetooth® single mode Bluetooth® 5-qualified module. This next generation modu- le blends the latest silicon with Telit’s state of the art engi-neering for an ovrall richer, more intelligent user experi-ence. Advanced features include NFC Handover and sup-port for Terminal I/O and most GATT based profiles.


By doubling the amount of data that devices can transfer, more efficient use of broadcasting channels, improved coexistence in 2.4GHz band and LTE, this efficient module reduces the time required for transmitting and receiving data while facilitating rapid uploads and over-the-air firmware updates for mobile devices.


The significant increase to broadcasting capacity makes the secure BlueMod+S50 an ideal solution for industrial appli-cations and for medical devices. Smartphone connectivity and cable replacement applications also ben-efit from the low energy consumption and reliable line-ofsight range of more than 800* meters. (*250m with Android phone and iPhone).


With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, this high-end Bluetooth® module is suitable for demanding applications and environments. Apps and demo source code for various types of applications are available for Android and iOS.


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